We rate every party on different subjects. Mostly from our own experiences, and sometimes from the information from friends or the organizers. Here we'll explain what these scores mean to us:



  1. NO SEX you pervert! Definitely no darkroom and no play in public, you might get caught by security. 
  2. Officially there's nothing going on here... but hey.. we all need to use the toilets from time to time
  3. Into the dark... You'll find a cruising area, sometimes with condoms and lube provided
  4. Flirting and Touching... But take your hardcore hobbies to the play area, often equipped with helpful furniture
  5. Why hide it? Just do whatever, wherever you like



  1. Openminded:. everyone is welcome
  2. It's a gay party: but bring a female friend if you like!
  3. Women allowed: We're not saying they can't come but you won't see many women
  4. Some exceptions: It's a party for men, but to some women we just can't say no
  5. Men only: Women not allowed 


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