…just 2 Dutch guys who like to go to gay dance parties and don’t mind traveling for it... 

Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Cologne, Barcelona, Madrid…. It’s no secret you see a lot of the same faces wherever you go. Over the years a little group of friends formed itself and it didn’t take long before a shared Google calendar was set up, filled with parties and events where we could meet up.

We realised there is not a single independent platform that lists all the bigger events like these. Existing websites/calendars are either incomplete or contain all kinds of small, local parties and events that don’t match our preferences.  That is why we both, happen to own a tech company, thought it was time to take our Google calendar a little step further.

About the content

Please keep in mind this website is made pure out of love for bigger gay electronic dance parties, mostly music styles like techno, tribal, deep house, tech house etc. All of the parties on this website we’ve personally visited at least once.

We’ve put a lot of effort in searching and gathering all the information shown in this calendar. For this we closely work together with different organisers, DJ’s, friends and have spend many evenings scrolling down different public websites. We used e.g. Facebook, Soundcloud, Wikipedia and the websites of event locations and -organisers to fill in all the blanks.

As said, all content is found on several public websites which includes text and images. If you find any of your copyrighted content and want us to remove it from this website: please let us know and we’ll delete it within 24 hrs.

Help is welcome

If there is any content you are missing, or when you might find some incorrect info; please let us know!

Are you a DJ, party-location, organiser, photographer, or are you in any other way connected to a gay dance parties: feel free to contact us to update your info at any time!


Many thanks and we hope you enjoy this website! 


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the Netherlands

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