The "Westergasfabriek" in Amsterdam contains several event-locations. For each event one or more locations will be used based on the amount of guest. 



The Gashouder (Gasholder) often is the frequent venue for large-scale exhibitions, live shows and company presentations. The Gashouder is a place of extremes: it is the home of Awakenings, a club event for 3500 people, and it was the location for artist Hans op de Beeck’s panoramic installation for an audience of one. If you’re thinking big, if you’ve got daring plans, then the Gashouder is the place for you.

The Gashouder is the most iconic building on the site. A beautiful circular space covering more than 2500 m2, offering all the room you need. The pillarless interior, with its impressive cast-iron ceiling, is a unique example of its kind.


The WesterUnie is an impressive raw, industrial club right in the heart of Westergasfabriek. In this rugged setting of concrete and steel is the decor for the most infamous parties hosted in collaboration with promising club organizers.

Most of the club nights are hosted in the Westerunie, but with the larger parties the Westerliefde and sometimes the adjacent Transformatorhuis are also added.


The Transformatorhuis (Trafo House) is an iconic space with an unusual wooden roof construction and high, narrow windows. The Transformatorhuis is ideal for a nightclub-type interior, with lounge sofas or long tables set for a dinner in style.

The Transformatorhuis (Trafo House) is well suited to a night-club style interior with lounge sofas or an atmospheric dining space with long set tables. Speakers at international conferences such as The Next Web appear here before audiences of around 500.


Westerliefde  literally means ‘Wester Love’. And indeed, this charming location, with its wooden floors and churchlike benches, oozes romance.

It’s no surprise that the Westerliefde is a populair wedding venue. But is is equally very suitable parties.

Westerliefde is part of bar/restaurant WestergasTerras and is located adjacent to the Transformatorhuis. The venue has its own entrance but is also accessible through the Transformatorhuis and the Westerunie.


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