In 1992 the Warehouse, originally a peanut factory, located in the industrial West of Amsterdam hosted some of the very first large scale party raves called Multigroove. These nights set a milestone in Amsterdam's music development and party scene.

Almost 20 years later, the mystical location re-opened its doors after being closed in 1993. 
Still with the same intention: to bring music from its purest side. And dance until sunrise.

Today the Warehouse is home to some of the city's most renowned party concepts such as Hyte, Welcome to the Future indoor festival, Reaktor and Luciano & friends

Past events
Sat December 8th
Liquid Kiddy - Liquid Kiddy the 2nd
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sat June 16th
Funhouse - Festival: Let's go Inside
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sat March 24th
Liquid Kiddy - pres: SEXY Party! Damage! Totally vs. Superball
Amsterdam the Netherlands