The KitKatClub is a nightclub in Berlin, opened in March 1994 by Austrian pornographic film maker Simon Thaur and his life partner Kirsten Krüger.

The KitKatClub is said to attract patrons from all over Europe and other parts of the world because of its music selection (techno and trance music) and its sexually uninhibited parties. The motto of the club is "Do what you want but stay in communication".
Guests are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse openly at the venue. Often a strict dress code needs to be respected in order to get into the KitKatClub door, often enforced by Kirsten herself, and requiring fetish, latex, leather, kinky, high style, glamor. 

The venue consists of three dance floors, an outdoor area with a pool and several other fully ecquioed play area's / balconies / catacombs. It is decorated with ultra-violet light and fluorescent color paintings done by the Berlin-based painter Der Träumer.

The crowd depends on the party which is organised in KitKat. At Revolver you'll find mostly gay man, at other parties like PiepShow and Carneball Bizarre you'll find a nice mix og gays and very open minded straight people. 

In recent years, the KitKatClub has tended to be less unruly. Enjoying music and dancing are now more important to the guests than coitus with their fellow patrons.
Through the years the KitKatClub has become a notorious Berlin institution.

Past events
Fri December 20th
Revolver - XMAS Edition
Berlin Germany
Fri November 8th
Revolver - XXL Sports fetish (SNAX weekend)
Berlin Germany
Sat October 5th
Wasteland - Wasteland Berlin 2019
Berlin Germany
Fri October 4th
Revolver - Oktober 2019
Berlin Germany
Fri September 13th
Revolver - Folsom weekend opening party
Berlin Germany
Fri August 16th
Revolver - August 2019
Berlin Germany
Fri July 26th
Revolver - Berlin Pride Opening Party
Berlin Germany
Fri June 14th
Revolver - Bellend Game
Berlin Germany
Fri April 19th
Revolver - Xxl Easter Fetish Special
Berlin Germany
Fri March 8th
Revolver - Spring Hunk
Berlin Germany
Fri January 11th
Revolver - 5. Anniversary bash
Berlin Germany
Fri December 14th
Revolver - Naughty Xmas Ball
Berlin Germany
Fri November 9th
Revolver - XXL edition (SNAX weekend)
Berlin Germany
Fri October 19th
Hustlaball - Hustlaball Berlin 2018
Berlin Germany
Sat October 6th
Wasteland - Wasteland Berlin
Berlin Germany
Fri October 5th
Revolver - Revolver October
Berlin Germany
Fri September 7th
Revolver - 4th Annual Black & Blue Ball!
Berlin Germany
Fri August 17th
Revolver - Revolver August
Berlin Germany
Fri July 27th
Revolver - Berlin Pride / CSD (official opening party)
Berlin Germany
Fri June 22nd
Revolver - Sexual Deviants
Berlin Germany
Fri May 25th
Revolver - XXL party weekend
Berlin Germany
Fri April 13th
Revolver - Spring Time
Berlin Germany
Fri March 30th
Revolver - XXL Easter Fetish Weekend
Berlin Germany
Tue March 27th
Piepshow - Piepshow March
Berlin Germany