Unique industrial Nightlife location in Rotterdam. On the 10th floor of the "Maassilo". Residence for popular creative club nights.

The Maassilo is a former grain silo and grain elevator in the Harbour ofRotterdam, which has been in use since 2004 as an entertainment venue and event location .The oldest part of the silo, which was largely constructed of reinforced concrete , was completed in 1911 and then contained 128 silos with a total capacity of 20,000 tons of grain. In 1930 a second part was completed, right next to the oldest part, and in 1951 another final expansion took place. Around 2000 it was decided to move the grain storage to a newer part of the port. Since 2004, the Maassilo has been used as an entertainment location and event location.

The Maassilo consists of 2 main parts: the Maassilo at the lower floors and Factory 010 on the topfloor of the silo.  The venue looks almost untouched for years but comes with good acoustics and facilities. There are some breathtaking views of Rotterdam you dont want to miss.

 Factory 010; underground, raw en industrial! 

Past events
Sat April 7th
Cocktail Fest - Cocktease
Rotterdam the Netherlands