Former Red&Blue and new home of the new Red&Blue Gay events.
Allthough the organisation is changed, the name has changed and the venue doesn't only focusses on gay visitors anymore, the club has kept a lot of it's old form. On a regular basis the "old familiar gay parties" are aroganised like H.I.M (with all his different party concepts), Obscura, Rapido World Tour, PAPA, and the Red&Blue Club nights. 

The venue contains 1 big area with several bars, a balcony, smokers lounge and a little dark corner ;).
The main area has a creative setting with little differences in floor heights and little stages which gives the venue a creative appearance and ideal for clubbing. 

Past events
Sat June 30th
Damage - Summer '18
Antwerp Belgium
Sat May 26th
Obscura - May 2018
Antwerp Belgium
Sat May 12th
Rapido - World Tour: Antwerp
Antwerp Belgium