A Saturday full of extraordinary live entertainment, art spaces and spectacular shows. Circus performances, fire shows, dancers, contortionists and much more, featuring renowned DJs playing multiple genres of music on different stages. Dive into the festival’s Post-Apocalyptic theme and dance like there is no tomorrow!


For our summer festival the dress code is less restrictive. We’re allowing fabric for this event. Add a Post-Apocalyptic twist into your outfit.

For inspiration: Mad Max, Leather, Uniforms, Army dress, Plastic, Rubber, School Boys + Girls, Metal, Cross-Dress, Post apocalyptic -Burlesque, Latex, Post-Apocalyptic warrior, Medical, Body Art, Goth, Steam Punk, Baroque, Goth, Victorian.

Please notice that Thuishaven is quite sandy so high heels are not recommended. There is plenty of parking space and lockers are available

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  • XXX Score: 3/5 (1 = Vanilla, 5 = Extreme)
  • Crowd Score: 1/5 (1 = Mixed, 5 = Men Only)
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DJ Info

Entertainment : Mere Dragon (FR), Nolwenn Pyroboobs (FR), Jaded Jewall (DE), Wasteland Warriors, Olifanttakeover, Ropemarks, The Puppeteer, Styling Station, Fuel Girls (UK), The New Tantra, J.F. Mougenot (FR), and much more …

Dj’s: Michel de Hey, Jam El Mar – Kitkatclub (De), Wouter S, Maringo – Kitkatclub (DE), Hansom – Rapido, Steve Hunter – Kitkatclub (DE), Lucien Foort, RW – Rapido, Funkerman, Jody Lynne, Mirella Kroes, Clark Kent – Kitkatclub (DE), Killian Sawn, Saeed – Rapido; Carlos Valdes, Sjeazy Pearl, and many more …

DJ List

Techno , Tech House , Tribal

HanSom (NL)

Techno , Tech House

Techno, Tech House

Saeed Ali (NL)

Deep House , House

Event times
Start : Saturday July 6th at 13:00
End : Saturday July 6th at 23:00
About the Venue

Electronic music & arts / Free state in Amsterdam / outdoor + indoor location

  • Contactweg 68 | 1014 BW | Amsterdam | the Netherlands
Party Concept

If exploring your wildest fantasies makes you tick