You know it's gonna be good when one of the most famous techno clubs in the World - BERGHAIN - and it'a little gay fetish and sexclub neighbor LAB.ORATORY join forces.
Twice a year a massive man-only techno and fetish event takes place in Berghain and LAB. 

The infamous sportswear edition of SNAX will be happening on November 9th 2019.

Is this your first Snax, be prepared. Some basic rules:

  • There is a strict dress code, sportswear only. Don't think you will get in without.
  • Be patient, lines can get long! And we are all waiting. Get a beer, Get in line and wait for your turn.
  • Keep your attitude and judgment at home, these bouncers are professionals in spotting the guys they don't want in.
  • Be prepared to get dirty. General rule: don't take or wear anything that cant be lost or get ripped, broken or dirty.
  • There are no tickets, no VIP-lines or fast-tracks. Pay there in cash.
  • If you don't like techno, don't come. 
  • Remember, you are a guest, act like that. Bartenders, bouncers, DJ's, etc. need to be treated with respect as well as your fellow visitors.
  • No phones, no video's, no photo's,  no naming. Create a free and safe space for everyone without judgment.
  • Search for the definition of consent and know what it means.



Tickets, Travel and Stay

Buy tickets at the door in cash.

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  • Cloakroom (payed)
  • Darkroom(s)
  • XXX Score: 5/5 (1 = Vanilla, 5 = Extreme)
  • Crowd Score: 5/5 (1 = Mixed, 5 = Men Only)
  • Our score system explained
DJ Info

To be anounced

DJ List
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Event times
Start : Saturday November 14th at 23:59
End : Saturday November 14th at 15:00
About the Venue

This doesn't need an intro

  • Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 | Berlin | DE
Party Concept

When one of the most famous techno clubs in the World - BERGHAIN - and it's little gay fetish and sexclub neighbour LAB.ORATORY join forces....