Summer edition with Ben Manson, Asaf Dolecv, aleXio and more

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DJ Info

Ben Manson
Marcel db
dj aleXio

Dragon Floor :
Matt Bogard
Asaf Dolev>

Separee :
Fixie Fate

DJ List
AleXio (DE)

Deep House , House

House, Deep House

Asaf Dolev (DE)

Techno , Tech House , Deep House , House

House, Techno, Deep House, Tech House

Ben Manson (FR)

Techno , Deep House , Progressive House

The best way discribe his style is : « Deep Progressive Techno »

Fixie Fate (DE)

Chill Out , Funk House , Disco

Chill Out, Disco, Funk House

Maringo (DE)

Techno , House

Techno, House

Matt Bogard (UK)

Tech House , Deep House , Progressive House , House

House, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House

Tiasz (DE)

Techno , Deep House , House

House, Deep House, Techno

Event times
Start : Friday June 22nd at 23:00
End : Saturday June 23rd at 09:00
About the Venue

One of the most open minded venues you can get as a gay dance party & play lover

  • Köpenicker Str. 76 | 10179 | Berlin | Germany
Party Concept

Monthly organised in the infamous and beloved KitKat Club, Revolver can be described as a naughty gay dance party Berlin style.