Our Springtime brings all the boys to the yard.. but also to the hot and sweaty dance floor and darkroom of your favorite gay party: REVOLVER! Get ready to SHAKE your booty and cum to the infamous KitKatClub to have fun with the sexiest boys and men of Berlins underground scene! As usual we have booked the best berlin-based and international DJs - once again a guarantee for amazing music vibes all night long! Together with our infamous team we will deliver the well-known and beloved REVOLVER PARTY experience to you all! See you on the dance floor, lovers!

Tickets, Travel and Stay
  • Cloakroom (free)
  • Darkroom(s)
  • XXX Score: 5/5 (1 = Vanilla, 5 = Extreme)
  • Crowd Score: 4/5 (1 = Mixed, 5 = Men Only)
  • Our score system explained
DJ Info

Stefan Mint (Dantze)
Maringo (Revolver)
dj aleXio (Revolver)
Asaf Dolev (Revolver)
Gloria Viagra (Partysane)
Mashyno (G-Day)
Fixie Fate (Revolver)

DJ List
AleXio (DE)

Deep House , House

House, Deep House

Asaf Dolev (DE)

Techno , Tech House , Deep House , House

House, Techno, Deep House, Tech House

Fixie Fate (DE)

Chill Out , Funk House , Disco

Chill Out, Disco, Funk House

Gloria Viagra (DE)

Electro Swing , Vocal

Electro, Vocal

Maringo (DE)

Techno , House

Techno, House

Mashyno (DE)

Techno , House

House, Techno

Tiasz (DE)

Techno , Deep House , House

House, Deep House, Techno

Event times
Start : Friday April 13th at 23:00
End : Saturday April 14th at 10:00
About the Venue

One of the most open minded venues you can get as a gay dance party & play lover

  • K√∂penicker Str. 76 | 10179 | Berlin | Germany
Party Concept

Monthly organised in the infamous and beloved KitKat Club, Revolver can be described as a naughty gay dance party Berlin style.