CLOSING PARTY of MALEparty Cologne
Prepare yourself for another magical party full of great music and incredible moments. Now it's time to live the MALEparty dream once again before the big summer break!

MALE presents THE WEEK Brazil 

> from Schaafenstr. to MALEparty
23:00 | 23:30 | 24:00 | 0:30 | 1:00 | 1:30
< from MALEparty to GREEN KOMM
5:30 | 6:00 | 6:30 | 7:00 | 7:30 | 8:00
2€ on way

Also check out the after party: GreenKomm Closing Summer Break

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DJ Info

Alberto Ponzo (Brazil)
Anthony May (Spain)
Andrei Stan (Belgium)

DJ List
Andrei Stan (RO,BE)

Tech House , House , Tribal

House, Tribal, Tech House

Event times
Start : Saturday May 5th at 23:00
End : Sunday May 6th at 08:00
About the Venue

The unique combination of old-fashioned industrial charm of bygone days and state-of-the-art event equipment gives the whole hotel an ambience that is second to none.

  • Girlitzweg 30 | 50829 | Cologne | Germany
Party Concept

A classic concept in a new form. Male party is bringing dance music back to Cologne with an industrial feel