3 party nights in Brussels!
Opening Party @ home in Fuse


Tickets, Travel and Stay

Single Tickets Saturday € 50
Tickets for the Opening and Closing Party can only be bought in combination with the Main Party
(Due to the limited capacity at Fuse club, priority is given to those wanting to combine parties)

Combi Tickets
Friday + Saturday € 70
Saturday + Sunday € 70
Friday + Saturday + Sunday € 90

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  • Cloakroom (payed)
  • Darkroom(s)
  • Shows / Performances
  • XXX Score: 4/5 (1 = Vanilla, 5 = Extreme)
  • Crowd Score: 4/5 (1 = Mixed, 5 = Men Only)
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DJ Info

Level 1:
Andrei Stan (RO)
Sebastien Triumph (FR)
Kenne Perry (BE)
John Dixon (FR)

Level 2:
D’Alessandro (IT)
Dikky Vendetta (NL)
Elias (ES)
Steven Redant (ES)

Level 3:
Jo (disco set) (BE)
Bernard Gavilan (BE)

VJ AlexEtJeremy (NL)

Shows by Jean-Marie Desreux (FR)

DJ List
Andrei Stan (RO,BE)

Tech House , House , Tribal

House, Tribal, Tech House

Bernard Gavilan (BE)

House , Pop House

House, Pop House

D'Alessandro (IT)

Techno , Tech House

Techno, Tech House

Dikky Vendetta (NL)

Deep House , House

House, Deep House

Elias (ES)

Tech House , Deep House , House

House, Deep House, Tech House

John Dixon (FR)

Progressive House

Inimitable rhythms inspired and influenced by underground house and psy-progressive music

Kenne Perry (BE)

Progressive House , House , Dance

Progressive House, House, Dance

Steven Redant (ES)

House , Tribal

his remixes for major artists such as George Michael, Amanda & Consuelo Costin are supported by big name DJ’s such as: DJ Chus, Tom Stephan, Axwell, Peter Rauhofer, Chris Kaeser, Phil Romano & Micky Friedmann to name but a few.

Event times
Start : Sunday April 21st at 22:00
End : Monday April 22nd at 12:00
About the Venue

Techno club Fuse has three different rooms which has the advantage of offering an eclectic range of music delivered by several international DJs

  • Rue Blaes 208 | 1000 | Brussels | Belgium
Party Concept

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