Come celebrate LA DEMENCE’s 29th (!) anniversary for up to 4 nights at FUSE and PALAIS 12. Expect sensation, an amazing line-up of the best DJ’s, unique performers and athletes, the most popular dragqueens, the hottest guys, lights, fire, lasers and so much more.

AlexEtJeremy (NL)

Jean-Marie Desreux (FR)

There will be darkrooms, free condoms and lube at all parties
600 m2 playground at Main Party
Have fun, play safe !

Tickets, Travel and Stay

Regular Tickets:

Saturday Only: € 53.24
Friday + Saturday € 74.12
Saturday + Sunday € 74.12
Friday + Saturday + Sunday € 95.00
Friday + Saturday + Sunday + Wednesday € 115.88
Wednesday Only: € 27.14

Tickets <26 years old:

Saturday Only: € 42.80
Friday + Saturday € 63.68
Saturday + Sunday € 63.68
Friday + Saturday + Sunday € 84.56
Friday + Saturday + Sunday + Wednesday € 100.22
Wednesday Only: € 21.92

Get your tickets ASAP:
Please note that Saturday tickets can only be purchased in combination with Friday and/or Sunday tickets. The capacity at Fuse is not as big as Palais12, but La Demence wouldn't be La Demence if it wasn't helt @home in Fuse. 

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  • Cloakroom (payed)
  • Darkroom(s)
  • Shows / Performances
  • XXX Score: 4/5 (1 = Vanilla, 5 = Extreme)
  • Crowd Score: 4/5 (1 = Mixed, 5 = Men Only)
  • Our score system explained
DJ Info

Detailed line-up coming soon


Pagano (UK)
Steven Redant (ES)
Chris Bekker (DE)
Phil Romano (IT)
Sebastien Triumph (FR)
John Dixon (FR)
Paul Heron (UK)
Ben Manson (FR)
Jon Doe (DE)
Mister Mola (BE)
Dikky Vendetta (NL)
Elias (ES)
Andrei Stan (RO)
Kenne Perry (BE)
Bernard Gavilan (BE)
Jo (BE)
Breizbear (BE)

DJ List
Andrei Stan (RO,BE)

Tech House , House , Tribal

House, Tribal, Tech House

Ben Manson (FR)

Techno , Deep House , Progressive House

The best way discribe his style is : « Deep Progressive Techno »

Bernard Gavilan (BE)

House , Pop House

House, Pop House

Chris Bekker (DE)

Progressive House , Trance , Tribal

Today Chris is officially representing the sound and the city of Berlin in international matters and is standing for energizing Tribal, Progressive and Electro Sound and personalized Trance vibes. He is founder and owner of one of the leading corporate so

Dikky Vendetta (NL)

Deep House , House

House, Deep House

Elias (ES)

Tech House , Deep House , House

House, Deep House, Tech House

John Dixon (FR)

Progressive House

Inimitable rhythms inspired and influenced by underground house and psy-progressive music

Jon Doe (DE)

Techno , Deep House , Progressive House

Techno, Deep House, Progressive House

Kenne Perry (BE)

Progressive House , House , Dance

Progressive House, House, Dance

Mister Mola

Progressive House , House

House, Progressive House,

Pagano (UK)

Techno , Tech House

As a producer Pagano has completed a number of releases on many prestigious labels worldwide such as STEREO PRODUCTIONS (Spain), DEEPERFECT (Italy), KULT (USA), CR2 (UK), NERVOUS (USA), MN2S (UK), S2G (Germany), PACHA (Spain) and many others. The majority

Steven Redant (ES)

House , Tribal

his remixes for major artists such as George Michael, Amanda & Consuelo Costin are supported by big name DJ’s such as: DJ Chus, Tom Stephan, Axwell, Peter Rauhofer, Chris Kaeser, Phil Romano & Micky Friedmann to name but a few.

Event times
Start : Sunday October 28th at 22:00
End : Monday October 29th at 11:00
About the Venue

Techno club Fuse has three different rooms which has the advantage of offering an eclectic range of music delivered by several international DJs

  • Rue Blaes 208 | 1000 | Brussels | Belgium
Party Concept

Worldwide famous gay parties in Brussels