The afterparty of Funhouse Festival: Let's go Outside.

Lets continue the outdoors FunHouse festival but we will move to WareHouse Elementenstraat with an great AFTER – Lets Go Inside - FunHouse Festival Night Event

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Tickets at the door: 25€
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DJ Info

Let's go Inside (night edition) with:
- DJ Alejandro Alvarez 
- DJ Tony Bruno
- DJ Max Del Principe

DJ List
Alejandro Alvarez (DE)

Techno , Tech House , Progressive House

Techno, Tech House, Progressive House

Max Del Principe (NL)

Tech House , House , Circuit House

Event times
Start : Saturday June 16th at 22:00
End : Sunday June 17th at 06:00
About the Venue

The Warehouse, originally a peanut factory, is home to some of the city's most renowned party concepts. Located in the industrial West of Amsterdam

  • Elementenstraat 25 | 1014 AR | Amsterdam | the Netherlands
Party Concept

Funhouse is one of the biggest gay parties in the Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Often with uplifting house beats and a hint of circuit and tribal house.