This coming April, an exclusive "Power Cocktailer" -invite-only party will land in the port of Rotterdam!

From the guyzz that brought you Cocktail Fest..., this time..., we're going harder! Hotter..., sexier..., darker..., and much..., more..., underground! But at great heights.

Come dance to the pumping beats of our sexy DJ's. Come trip on our hypnotic vibes. Come and enjoy the view of our steamy hot enslaved dancers. And of course come get your freak on!

Just always remember..., do what you want to do, but go hard or go home!

You're exclusively welcome to attend our 'invite only' party at Factory 010 in Rotterdam, on April 7th. Line-up includes Inshane, Elof De Neve, Ricky Jones, Sexy Performances & high-end laser shows!

Tickets, Travel and Stay

This party is officially "invite only" 
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  • Darkroom(s)
  • Shows / Performances
  • XXX Score: 4/5 (1 = Vanilla, 5 = Extreme)
  • Crowd Score: 4/5 (1 = Mixed, 5 = Men Only)
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DJ Info


  • Inshane
  • Elov de Neve
  • Ricky Jones

Sexy Performances & high-end laser shows!

DJ List
Elov de Neve (BE)

House , Circuit House

Known for his full floor energy with massive uplifting circuit house music, that brings the audience to a higher level.

Inshane (NL)

House , Tribal , Circuit House

Resident DJ Rapido/Funhouse Amsterdam and Circuit Festival World Tour

Event times
Start : Saturday April 7th at 23:00
End : Sunday April 8th at 06:00
About the Venue

Unique insutrial Nightlife location in Rotterdam. On the 10th floor of the "Maassilo". Residence for popular creative club nights.

  • Maashaven Zuidzijde 1 – 2 | 3081 AE | Rotterdam | the Netherlands
Party Concept

The Maassilo will show it’s true soul again. A soul of Acceptance, Freedom and Unity. Unity in it’s most basic form…, Party!