✿✿✿B:EAST BERLIN B:east Berlin PRIDE / CSD XXL ✿✿Special w/ Pagano✿✿/✿✿✿

Being who we are is a never-ending fight. We are often not allowed to have the love we desire, to embody the identity we host, to live the future we plan. Our struggling either pushes us to repress our SELVES or to fight through our own way. Last year, the same-sex marriage was historically approved in Germany, as a good example of that.
And now, what are the needs of LGBTQI people?

This question does not have an unique answer or an unique form. We from Polygon believe that people should be free to find out what to ask and build their own living answer in the grounds of respect, empathy, and diversity. Our daily mission is to build a safe, open, and poliminded environment where everyone can take this quest together and bond with other sexy humans worldwide. This takes place in a sophisticated structure filled with vibrant music to interact, dance, drink, fuck, create good memories, and, of course, party the fuck up!!!

Being a LGBTQI is always a matter of resistence, which means that is extremly important to reinforce our own existence. Come to celebrate pride with us at Polygon and make your unique presence as an opportunity to express the diversity of Berlin. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, intersexes, agenders, cisgenders, asexuals, drag queens, heterosexuals, non-binaries, and all fairies of the rainbow, come party hard at our dance floor and our open-air garden ♥ ♥ ♥

Tickets, Travel and Stay

Berlin CSD / Pride weekend:

B:EAST: €22.49

Berlin Pride Party Pass: (Revolver, B:EAST, CSD Open Air and MENtabolism) €45,-


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DJ Info

Alan Oldham Music(bpitch)
Lady Blacktronika
Rony Golding (B:EAST)
Gavio(Casetta Records/King Street)
Ptoile (FemaleCut Italia, Girl Scout/ Berlin)
Brett Knacksen(B:EAST)
Sarah Wild(B:EAST)
Yosh Houzer Dj

DJ List
Annie O (DE)

Tech House , Funk House , Disco , Electro Swing

Funk House, Disco, Electro Swing, Tech House,

Brett Knacksen (DE)

Techno , Tech House , Deep House

Far from the usual techno schemes he breaks through as a DJ and Producer with cranky deepen Acid sound structures

Gavio (DE)

Deep House , House

Pagano (UK)

Techno , Tech House

As a producer Pagano has completed a number of releases on many prestigious labels worldwide such as STEREO PRODUCTIONS (Spain), DEEPERFECT (Italy), KULT (USA), CR2 (UK), NERVOUS (USA), MN2S (UK), S2G (Germany), PACHA (Spain) and many others. The majority

Rony Golding (DE)

Techno , Tech House

RONY GOLDING drops techy music, direct and delicious. His journey - from tech house to techno, pumping deep and totally energized beats - is why his fans are not hard to find.

Westbam (DE)

Techno , Tech House , Vocal House

Practising Maniac at Work, prophet of raving society, composer of hymns for millions, party maker for over 15 million guests over the last 30 years, philosopher of dance culture, author and media personality

Event times
Start : Saturday July 28th at 22:00
End : Sunday July 29th at 10:00
About the Venue

The 600m2 space location has three dance floors, a labyrinth of rooms with a beautiful warm external garden space.

  • Wiesenweg 1-4 | 10365 | Berlin | Germany
Party Concept

B:EAST PARTY, Berlin’s biggest new monthly Techno Party for Queers and their Friends with International Techno Dj headliners.