om Stephan is an artist who truly marches to his own drum. The US-born UK-based DJ has been in-demand internationally for well over a decade. Tom has headlinedthe world's most highly regarded parties and clubs from the Black Party in New York to the White Party in Palm Springs, from Space Ibiza to Stereo Montreal to Ageha Tokyo, while holding down residencies at Beyond London, Matinee Barcelona, WE Party Madrid, Muccassasina Rome, Beef Tel Aviv, Karmabeat Mexico City and most recently Alegria NYC.

In the studio, he's among the most accomplished, with a discography of original and remix work that includes 17 Billboard Number One’s, and reads like a who's-who of global dance music producers: from Basement Jaxx to Beyoncé, Missy Elliot to Major Lazer. Most well known for his “Superchumbo” moniker, Tom’s sound was born out of the NYC after-hours scene and has now merged with his home base in East London. 

Never one to accept complacency, Tom has embraced the creative advantages of using Traktor as his DJing "instrument." This full-fledged flexing of technology allows him to create an unrelenting dance-floor experience that is unrivaled in terms of intensity, creativity, and fluidity. Come hear for yourself why Tom Stephan is heralded as one of the best in the game.

Tom Stephan & Danny Verde ft Rowetta- Feel It [Get Down Recordings] 2016
Tom Stephan- Dance to the Music [Guareber] 2016
Pagano & Tom Stephan- The Screamer [Kinetika] 2015
The Cucarachas- Bang Bang [Kinetika] 2013
The Cucarachas & The Carry Nation- Oracle [Tribal Records 2013]
The Cucarachas- Spread [Get Up] 2013
The Cucarachas- U [Nurvous] 2013
The Cucarachas- Sushi Darling [Kinetika] 2013
The Carry Nation & The Cucarachas- Warriors [Get Up] 2013
Tom Stephan & Pagano- Give It [Almibar/Stereo] 2013
Superchumbo- Fire [Nervous Records] 2012
Superchumbo, Theo and Gabe Ramos- Ohh La La [Nervous Records] 2011
Superchumbo- The Revolution (remixes) [Twisted] 2011
DJ Chus & Tom Stephan- Tormenta [Juicy Recordings] 2011
Tom Stephan- Turn That Shit Up [Southern Fried Records] 2011
Tom Stephan- Turn Me On [Stealth Records] 2011
Tom Stephan- Everlasting [Stealth Records] 2011
Tom Stephan- Jerk It [Stealth Records] 2011
Tom Stephan & Per QX- The Music [ChumboMundo] 2009
Laidback Luke & Tom Stephan- Show [Stealth Recordings] 2008
Superchumbo- The Noise [ChumboMundo] 2008
Tom Stephan & Lex Da Funk- Shake It [ChumboMundo] 2008
Tom Stephan & Pete Gleadall vs Fierce Ruling Diva- Phreekn [Chumbomundo] 2008
Tom Stephan vs S-Man- Hold One Me [ChumboMundo/Ego Music IT] 2007
Tom Stephan & Martin Accorsi- Erupt [ChumboMundo/Nervous US] 2007
J5 Eaters- Frenzy [ChumboMundo] 2006
Superchumbo- Dog [ChumboMundo] 2006
Superchumbo- U Know I Love It [Twisted America] 2006
D Ramirez & Tom Stephan- Shake It Baby [Slave] 2006
Superchumbo- Wowie Zowie Album [Twisted America] 2005
Tom Stephan ft Katherine Elllis- Here I Come [ChumboMundo] 2005
Superchumbo- Fall Out [ChumboMundo] 2005
Superchumbo- Everything U [Twisted America] 2005
Superchumbo Featuring Celeda – Dirtyfilthy [Twisted America] 2004
Superchumbo- This Beat Is [Twisted America] 2003
Superchumbo- Irresistible [Twisted US/Loaded UK] 2002
Plastic Surge- Sonido/ Burbjua [Twisted] 2002
Superchumbo- The Revolution [Twisted America] 2001
Tom Stephan ft Gerideau- Believe in Love [Vision] VSNDJ4 2000
Superchumbo- Loop / I'm A Star [Twisted America] 1999
Superchumbo- Get This [Twisted] 1997
Shifty- Feel It [Downboy] 1997
Tracy & Sharon- Terrific/ Filthy Hetero [Flesh UK/Omnisonus FR] 1994

Hi-Fi Sean & Crystal Waters- Testify (Superchumbo Mixes) [Defected] 2017
Tony Moran & Dani Toro ft Zhana Roiya- Lick Me Up (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Swishcraft] 2016
ONO- Hell in Paradise (Superchumbo Mix) [Twisted] 2016
Beyoncé- Pretty Hurts (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Sony] 2014
Beyoncé- Partition (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Sony] 2014
Stereogamous- Sweat (Cucarachas Mix) [Tribal] 2014
Vane Venice- Getcha Gotta Get It (Cucarachas Mix) [Nurvous] 2014
Ono- Walking On Thin Ice 2013 [Mindtrain/Twisted] 2013
Pet Shop Boys- Vocal (Cucarachas Mix) 2013
Iggy Azalea- Work (Tom Stephan Head Over Heels Mix) [IDF] 2013
Suzanne Bartch- I Like to Say (Severino & Tom Stephan F*ck Dub) [Bartchland] 2013
Ono- Movin On (Superchumbo Mixes) [Mindtrain] 2012
Joeski- Jacked (Superchumbo Mixes) [Kinetika Records] 2012
AuDio KoDe- Poppin Ain't No Stoppin (Tom Stephan Aka Superchumbo Remix) [Kinetika Records] 2012
Victoria Wilson-James vs Waterson- Deep In Vogue [Basquiat Beats] 2012
The Shoes- Wastin Time (Tom Stephan Remix) [Southern Fried Records] 2011
E.G. Fullalove- Didn't I Know (Superchumbo Mix) [Sound Groove] 2011
Blaktron- Cassette Deck (Tom Stephan Mix) [Get Down Recordings and various other labels] 2011
Tedd Patterson- Remote Control (Superchumbo Mix) [Nervous Records] 2011
Chad Jack- Gag On It (Superchumbo Mix) [Hammer Music] 2011
Leomeo-The Sound of C (Tom Stephan Mix) [Kult Records] 2011
Steelfish- Hot Like Fire (Tom Stephan Mix) [Juicy Recordings] 2011
DJ Duke- Blow Your Whistle (Tom Stephan Remix) [Power Music/ Sound Groove] 2010
Seductive- Take Control (Tom Stephan Mix) [Spinnin] 2010
Rusko- Hold On (Tom Stephan Mix) [Mad Decent] 2010
Rishi Romero- African Forest 2010 (Tom Stephan Mix) [Spinnin] 2010
Seductive- Rockin (Tom Stephan Mix) [Dim Mak] 2010
Bob Sinclar- New, New, New (Tom Stephan Mix) [D:Vision] 2010
Heavy Feet feat KOVAS We Came To Party (Tom Stephan remix) [Stamp! Beats] 2010
Honey Dijon- Walls Down (Tom Stephan Mix) [Nervous] 2010
Oscar G- What you Need (Tom Stephan Mix) [Nervous Records] 2010
Major Lazer- Keep It Going Louder (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Mad Decent/V2] 2010
Laidback Luke- My G.O.D. (Tom Stephan Mix) [Mixmash/Bitrate] 2010
Shakira Ft. Kid Cudi ‎– Did It Again (Superchumbo Remixes) [Sony] 2009
The Transatlantins ft India- I Can’t Live Without Music (Tom Stephan Mix) [STEALTH] 2009
Pete Heller- Sabotage (Tom Stephan’s ChumboMundo Mix) [Bedrock] 2009
Pet Shop Boys- Up and Down (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Parlophone] 2009
Kristine W- Be Alright (Tom Stephan Mix) [FLY AGAIN] 2009
Ralph Falcon- Whateva (Tom Stephan works the whateva mix) [NERVOUS US] 2009
Mom & Dad- The Whole Sh-bang (Tom Stephan’s New Kick Mix) [DANR] 2009
Boy George-Yes We Can (Tom Stephan 12" mix) [Fontana] 2008
Mendo- Watermelon (Tom Stephan Mix) [Clarisse] 2008
NICK & DANNY CHATELAIN- London Acid (Tom Stephan Mix) [Uniforminflow] 2008
JENNIFER CARBONELL vs FRISCIA & LAMBOY- Broken Pieces (Tom Stephan Mix) [Nervous] 2008
Cyberpunkers- Breathless [MCGroove] 2007
Pet Shop Boys- Minimal (Superchumbo’s Light & Shade Dub) [EMI] 2006
Africanism- Hard (Superchumbo Thunder Mix) [Rise] 2006
Cubic- Superflyin (Superchumbo Mix) [Stereo Productions] 2006
John Shelvin & Astrid Suryanto- Inbetween (Superchumbo Leadhead Dub) [Shelvin Records] 2006
Roger Sanchez- Turn On The Music [Stealth] 2005
Hiroki Esashika- Kazane (Superchumbo Mix) [Intec] 2005
Robbie Rivera- One Eye Shut (Superchumbo iD Mix) [24 Seven] 2005
Lyszak- Dick For Brains (Superchumbo Re-werk) [Yellow Productions] 2005
Murk- Believe (Superchumbo Mix) [Tommy Boy] 2003
Roach Motel- Wild Luv (Superchumbo Roach Clip) [Junior Boy’s Own] 2003
Seal- Get It Together (Superchumbo Mixes) [Warner Bros] 2003
Pet Shop Boys- Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mixes) [Sanctuary Records] 2003
Peace Division- What Is This Sound (Tom Stephan Superchumbo Mixes) NRK 2003
Fierce Ruling Diva- You Gotta Believe (Superchumbo mixes) [React /Tommy Boy] 2002
Cyn- Fantasy/Reality [Star 69] 2002
Basement Jaxx- Get Me Off (Superchumbo 'Supergetoff' Remix) [XL] 2002
Missy Elliot- Get Ur Freak On (Superchumbo's Superfreakon Remix) [Elektra] 2002
Mooncat- Strong (Superchumbo Mix) [Low Pressings] 2002
Xpress-2 – Muzikizum (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Skint] 2002
Armand Van Helden- Why Can't U Free Some Time (Superchumbo's Vocode Mix) [FFRR] 2001
David James- (Always) A Permanent State (Tom Stephan's Superchumbo Mix) [Hooj] 2001
Menace- Sound Of The Floor (Superchumbo's Leadhead Dub) [Plastic Fantastic] 2001
Kylie- Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Superchumbo Mixes) [Parlophone] 
Flip Flop- In Stereo (Superchumbo Mixes) [Nervous] 2001
Deepswing- In The Music (Superchumbo's High Octane Mix) [Direction] 2001
Love Tattoo- Drop Some Drums (Superchumbo's Volta Mix) [MODA] 2001
Flip Flop Featuring Faith Trent - In Stereo (The Superchumbo Mixes) [Nervous Records] 2001
Darude- Sandstorm (Superchumbo's Sandy Sandstorm) [NEO] 2001
Tina Turner- When The Heartache Is Over (Superchumbo's Crystal Mix) [DMC] 2000
Pet Shop Boys- New York City Boy (Superchumbo Remixes) [EMI] 1999
Edyta Gorniak- One & One (Superchumbo Mix) [Virgin America] 1999
Maddkatt Courtship III- My Life Muzik (Superchumbo Mixes) [FFRR] 1999
The Creatures- Prettiest Thing (Superchumbo Waking Dream Mix) [Hydrogen Dukebox] 1999
Pauline Taylor- Come Down (Super Chumbo's Crash Mix) [Cheeky] 1999
Funky Green Dogs- Until The Day (Superchumbo Saves The Day) [Twisted America] 1998
Dollshead- It’s Over, It’s Under [Twisted America] 1997
Neneh Cherry- Feel It (Tracy & Sharon Mix) [Hut] 1997
Neneh Cherry- Kootchi (Koo Vocal) [Hut] 1996
Pet Shop Boys- Paninaro ’95 (Tracy & Sharon Mixes) [Parlophone] 1995
Tom Jones- Love Is On Our Side (Tracy & Sharon’s Dubba Love) [East West] 1994

Nervous Nitelife [Nervous Records] 2009
Asseteria- Live from NYC [Nervous Records] 2008
Let’s Go Chumbo [ChumboMundo] 2006
Roger Sanchez / Tom Stephan - Afterdark Vol.1 [Stealth] 2005
Nite:Life 018 - These Beats Are... [NRK]2004
Superchumbo- Get the Lead Out! [Twisted] 2002
Superchumbo- Leadhead [Loaded] 2002
Soundworx- Session Two [Soundworx UK] 2001
Drag Addict [Hut Recordings] 1996
Just a Drag…Queen [Omnisonus FR] 1995

Kevin Aviance- Join In The Chant [Wave] 1999

Robbie Williams- There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner [KALA] 1999

Rufus Wainwright – Tiergarten [Geffen] 2007
Pet Shop Boys- Screaming (keyboards) Psycho Motion Picture Soundtrack [Geffen] 1998

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