Rony Golding drops techy music, direct and delicious. His journey - from tech house to techno, pumping deep and totally energized beats - is why his fans are not hard to find.

13 exciting years ago (1998) RONY made a big impression on Cologne's House music lovers for the first time. Soon after he became resident DJ for LULU II, a legendary club in the city then, and the largest gay club in Europe, for whom he mixed the first compilation 'LULU Yellow Lemon" (2002). 

'He got the amazing ability to just read the crowd and play the right music at the right time and to lift the crowd up." 

After developing his resident slot at Germany's most successful house music radio 'Nightwax" (Planet More Music Radio), he released the 'Nightwax" compilation in 2006. The next year, RONY was voted 'Most popular DJ of 2006 and 2010" by RIK magazine readers. 

In Cologne he is Chico's events resident DJ. This is where he trialled his hit remix of Donna Summer 'I Feel Love" (on Gimme 5, 2008 and re-released on the Ministry Of Sound compilation (Clubbers Guide to Ibiza 2009 / The Annual Spring 2009)). Soon after, RONY delivered his third mix CD 'Colour 08" for Chico's co-produced massive Köln Arena dance party 'Colours" and then in 2009, the 'COLOUR 09" Compilation too! Recently RONY teamed up with Andreas Giese to produce the theme tune for the 2010 Colour events, titled 'Colour of Love (sunshineheartbeat)" (on Sorry Shoes, 2010). This first original song is an uplifting and warm, percussive/progressive house anthem, and features Australian-born vocal siren Rachele Dione. 

'Colour Of Love" rapidly hit #1 on Junodownload Progressive; #1 Junodownload New Releases; #3 Junodownload House, and entered at #68 in the German Dance Charts! Amongst supporters are top artists Thomas Penton, Sarah Main, Daniel Portman, Hagenaar & Albrecht, The Flash Brothers, Erick Decks, Teo Moss, Damien J Carter, Danny Verde, as well as Total DJ Webradio, Live1fm Brazil, Proton Radio. 

In 2011 the Cologne duo hooked up with Venezuelan lyricist David Golding and Sao Paulo's vocal sensation Kelly Hilton for a take-all-prisoners, infectious and floor-filling main room progressive cut. Also this track hit the Top Ten in MASTERBEAT immediately after the release in February 2011. The track comes with remixes from the german Slider N Turner, Bedrud and Micky Friedman. Out of Spain: Matinee's new talent - Javier Medina - aims for your hips, and the Australian/Portuguese/Slovakian trio - MKC Vs Miguel Fernandes & Daniel Gregorio - mashes shakin' techno with big ass synth chords!

Past events
Fri February 21st
Sexy Party - Carnival Festival Cologne : Main party
Cologne Germany
Sat October 5th
Wasteland - Wasteland Berlin 2019
Berlin Germany
Fri July 26th
Revolver - Berlin Pride Opening Party
Berlin Germany
Fri April 19th
Revolver - Xxl Easter Fetish Special
Berlin Germany
Sat August 18th
B:EAST - Tropical Men
Berlin Germany
Sat July 28th
B:EAST - Berlin Pride / CSD
Berlin Germany
Sat July 7th
Wasteland - Wasteland Summerfest
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sat June 2nd
X-Ams - June
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Fri May 25th
Revolver - XXL party weekend
Berlin Germany