DJ Rafa Nunes was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he moved to Paris to do your career of DJ 15 years ago. 

Working with music from more of 15 years, he started in Sao Paulo playing with vynils and doing a lot of tracks for fashion shows and he had some projects of Eletronic Music until move to Paris to re-start your career of DJ in Europe.

Today, Rafa Nunes don’t play anymore with vinyls but he play with your computer and he always bring his sampler and his EFX machine to give a different color to his music.
DJ Residences:
In Paris: Raidd bar
In Brussels: Revelation Party (biggest fetish/clubbing party in Brussels)
In Berlin: BLF Events

On last year of 2015 Rafa is nominee to ¨THE BEST DJ OF THE YEAR¨ from Fetish Evenement ¨X Awards¨ 2015.
Actually he play in some big parties in Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Cologne, Brussels and etc…

He played in the last Gay Pride Amsterdam 2014 in the boat of Mister B. 
And he was DJ resident during 2 years of one of the most importants Bear Party of Europe, the Beardrop Party in Paris
Also he worked in the most big fetish fetish gay party in France - ASMF - most bigger fetish party (from 3 years) and doing some sex parties to Rob (SEXSHOP) clubbing/sex party.

And yes, He is a Brazilien DJ living in Paris :)

Past events
Sat July 21st
Revelation - Revelation July
Brussels Belgium