Mister Mola Born and grown up in Ghent/Belgium. (in 1978 ) His interest in dance music started when he started visiting the local clubs (1996) and started buying records at the local record shop Music Man which was his neighbour. In this way he collected music for many years before he got his own turntables and mixer. From then on he played for his friends during after parties at home. In 2001 he started playing at the local gay club Paradox and he played there for many years. 

In 2006 he made his big step to Cologne when his best friend asked him to play at his birthday party at a local Tea Dance party in the Lausch Gift. The organiser of the party liked his music style and started booking him for several parties. His dream started coming true. Since then he has played in many clubs in Europe to Moscow like “LA DEMENCE” in Brussels /Belgium, "COCKPIT" in Cologne/ Germany, “GREENKOMM” in Cologne/ Germany, "SCREAM" & "QUEENS"in Paris/ France, "REVOLVER" in Berlin/Germany, "CLIMAX" in Stuttgart /Germany, “Elysium Hotel” Pool Party in Mykonos/ Greece, “CAVO PARADISO in Mykonos/ Greece, “Fou GHazi” In Athens/ Greece, “Club 69” in Rome/ Italy, Propaganda in MOSCOW/ Russia, “ZONA Club in Moscow / Russia, Paradiso in Amsterdam /Netherlands/ France, “Club S” in Lille/France, Special Pool Party of “Delice” in Ibiza, Pool Party in Babylon/Cologne, “Fake Bar”/Antwerp, “Tanz & Schmertz” in Oberhausen and Mullheim am Rhein, "KINKYBEATS Party" as RESIDENT DJ in Cologne/ Germany, “Insomnia” after hour in Diamonds /Cologne, "Le Bloc" with Delice in Lyon/France, “Le Klub” & “Rainbow Club” in Nice/France, “Warm’Up”in Marseille/France, “Boots” in Antwerp/ Belgium

His first biggest party was in CSD Cologne 2007 when he played for “Insatiable Party” of Gaydar in Rheinterassen. He played together with Ivan Pica (dj of Space of Sound & Pacha Madrid) and Cavo Paradiso In Mykonos was my Best Club that I ever played!!!

His kind of music is a mix of Progressive House, -Tribal (Spanish), -Trance, House Music, some Happy House and some Tech house with a big wink for old good stuff (these tracks will never die!) He also likes to play Deep & Dark Progressive House. His specialty is making the people crazy with his awesome sets.

Past events
Sun November 3rd
La Demence - 4/4: CLOSING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Sat November 2nd
La Demence - 3/4: MAIN 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri November 1st
La Demence - 2/4: MORE 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Thu October 31st
La Demence - 1/4: OPENING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri April 19th
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Opening
Brussels Belgium
Tue January 1st
La Demence - NEW YEAR
Brussels Belgium
Wed October 31st
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Halloween party
Brussels Belgium
Sun October 28th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Closing party
Brussels Belgium
Sat October 27th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri October 26th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Opening party
Brussels Belgium
Fri September 14th
La Demence - Eat it
Brussels Belgium
Sat August 4th
Funhouse - XXL Pride Edition
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sun April 1st
La Demence - Easter Party
Brussels Belgium