DJ, resident at G day, Crush and Warm parties. 
Mashyno comes from another universe and speaks tongues with a thick french accent.

He landed in Berlin in 2011 where he immersed himself into the electronic music scene. He began to show his love for French House in Le Bordel parties.

In 2013 he met the DJ 2FARO at the infamous berlin party: Homopatik. Together they created and played at Crush, the old-school house celebrating night. They are now residents at the glorious party: G Day which they started 3 years ago.

Mashyno played venues such as Wilde Renate, Else, Griessmuehle, Chalet, Burg Schnabel and the queer institution: SchwuZ.
He plays House, Techno and a lot in between to share that special vibration Humans call LOVE ;)



Past events
Fri April 13th
Revolver - Spring Time
Berlin Germany