Belgian DJ since 1997 who has been working non-stop since then at major clubs and parties. With a residency of more then 10 years in Europe's leading Gayconcept, La Demence in Brussels. Currently also signed at Greenkomm in Cologne and Red&Blue in Antwerp.

A Belgian Dj who has been around since quite some time. His first performance in the clubscene as a deejay was in "La Rocca”(Antwerp). It was one of the most important 
clubs in Europe for over 25 years and the invitation he got to play there was a rare thing to happen at that time. That one time turned into a monthly guest spot for almost 2 years and ever since then he played an important role in the clubscene of Belgium where he probably is the only dj who has played for every important party or club in the last two decades, especially in the gayscene. Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands and Germany are only a few of the countries where he has given a glimp of his art form. 

His first residential job as a club dj was for the party “Overkitsched” in Brussels. For 3 years it was one of the hottest gayparties. It suddenly stopped when the venue closed it’s doors. The party tried to continue on a new location but the magic was gone and further dats got cancelled. for the first time in 10 years Kenne Perry had no certainties or things to look out for. It was only a few weeks later that rec
Only a few weeks later he started a new chapter and became resident dj in "La Demence", one of the biggest names in the world with and international reputation that is known in every corner on this globe. Besides the 12 weekends a year, mostly hosted in club Fuse, it is also the party that organises every summer “The Cruise”. That brings people from all over the world together on a cruise ship. On this cruise, Kenne Perry has a few exclusive sessions that showcase perfectly what his definition is about a dj. Disconnecting himself from everything, understanding the idea of the concept and use music to create a story in a way that everybody can connect with it.

And near the end of 2017 he used the name “Logik Monkey” for the first time in the communication to his followers. 
Since a few years he had been working in between his very busy schedule on his own music productions. During the last two of those years some of his residential spots turned in a new way to stay current and trendy. And the dj Kenne Perry was slowly transforming into the person Kenne Perry who is playing a certain kind of style in. For each of thoss styles a handful tracks are ready to be finalised. And this “LogiK Monkey” is the concept name he brought to life to define the more mysterious underground style with tech house, trance and progressive house. 

This mysterious mix between progressive , deep tech and trance is the style he plays in Greenkomm, Europe’s most famous after hour in Cologne. It’s a since february 2018 that he became officially a fixed name in the list of dj’s of the Greenkomm family. 
Currently he is also signed to Propaganda, a party organisation with several concept in Antwerp. One of those parties is named Obscura, another party he is bringing those LogiK Monkey vibes to the party.

List of parties and venues where he is currently a resident DJ

  • La Demence Brussels (2007 - )
  • Red&Blue Antwerp (2016 - )
  • Le Belgica (2012-2013) (2015- )
  • Le Baroque (2013-2014) (2016 - )
  • The Cruise (2012 - )
  • Le Depot Paris (2017 - )
  • Greenkomm Cologne (2018 - )


Past events
Fri March 13th
La Demence - Army Boys
Brussels Belgium
Sun February 23rd
Green Komm - Carnival Festival Cologne : Afterhour
Cologne Germany
Fri February 7th
La Demence - Marry Me
Brussels Belgium
Wed January 1st
La Demence - New Year
Brussels Belgium
Sun November 3rd
La Demence - 4/4: CLOSING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Sat November 2nd
La Demence - 3/4: MAIN 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri November 1st
La Demence - 2/4: MORE 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Thu October 31st
La Demence - 1/4: OPENING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri September 27th
La Demence - Socks
Brussels Belgium
Fri July 19th
La Demence - Hairy Flamingo
Brussels Belgium
Sun June 9th
La Demence - Juicy Bear
Brussels Belgium
Sun June 2nd
Green Komm - June Edition
Cologne Germany
Sun April 21st
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Closing
Brussels Belgium
Sat April 20th
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri April 19th
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Opening
Brussels Belgium
Fri March 15th
La Demence - Pump Up!
Brussels Belgium
Fri February 15th
La Demence - Love
Brussels Belgium
Tue January 1st
La Demence - NEW YEAR
Brussels Belgium
Wed October 31st
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Halloween party
Brussels Belgium
Sun October 28th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Closing party
Brussels Belgium
Sat October 27th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri October 26th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Opening party
Brussels Belgium
Fri September 14th
La Demence - Eat it
Brussels Belgium
Fri July 20th
La Demence - Hottie
Brussels Belgium
Sat May 26th
Obscura - May 2018
Antwerp Belgium
Sun May 20th
La Demence - Pride Party Weekend: Closing Party at Fuse
Brussels Belgium
Fri May 18th
La Demence - Pride Party Weekend: Opening Party at Fuse
Brussels Belgium
Sun April 1st
La Demence - Easter Party
Brussels Belgium
Fri March 2nd
La Demence - Space Invader
Brussels Belgium
Fri February 2nd
La Demence - Snow
Brussels Belgium