Since his 2001 landing in the world of electronic music, Jon Doe has been a name synchronous with quality. Fans and enthusiasts have come to love the congenial German DJ for his affectionate sound and unique DJ sets, which have taken him to big events and well known established Parties all over Europe and beyond.

Jon‘s breakthrough came 2003 when he started playing regularily (and still is) at one of Germany‘s most well known afterhours, the Greenkomm.

Since 2004 he is resident at La Demence and 2005 he won the reader‘s gold award of Germany´s Gay Magazin „RIK“ as „Best DJ“

In 2006 he began to compose electronic music which is supported by Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, C-jay and many more.

Besides his work as a DJ and producer, Jon also successfully runs the record label ‘Nachtangst Records’




Past events
Sun November 3rd
La Demence - 4/4: CLOSING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Sat November 2nd
La Demence - 3/4: MAIN 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri November 1st
La Demence - 2/4: MORE 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Thu October 31st
La Demence - 1/4: OPENING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Sun June 9th
La Demence - Juicy Bear
Brussels Belgium
Fri March 15th
La Demence - Pump Up!
Brussels Belgium
Wed October 31st
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Halloween party
Brussels Belgium
Sun October 28th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Closing party
Brussels Belgium
Sat October 27th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri October 26th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Opening party
Brussels Belgium
Sun August 26th
Green Komm - 25th Anniversary Weekend: DAY
Cologne Germany
Fri July 20th
La Demence - Hottie
Brussels Belgium
Sun April 1st
La Demence - Easter Party
Brussels Belgium