DJ Elias started his career in 1990 in Palma de Mallorca, and in 1994, after having played in the best Mallorca clubs, he decided to take his chance in Ibiza where, just arrived, he signed up as resident DJ at “Space” on a very special date for him: the 6th of August, the day of his birthday.
From then on, his career spread out at international level, opening him the doors to Paris where just after the Ibiza season, he became resident DJ at the “Queen”, the most popular club in the city.
Once there, he got influenced by the French Touch and the New York Sound, a particular sound played at Kit-Kat (Le Palace), the most elegant afterparty that he had ever seen where people danced the night away until midday on a deep sound.

Throughout his career has played in some of best clubs in the world according to the DJ MAG top 100 clubs such as Space, Amnesia or Pacha in Ibiza or Fabrik in Madrid, also in fashion events like the “Bread & Butter” in Barcelona. and many other clubs worldwide.

He currently lives in Mallorca and he’s resident DJ at “La Démence” in Brussels for 19 years (thus making him the most ancient resident of this party), also "Circuit Festival" in Barcelona since the beginning of this festival where he currently plays at "MegaWoof!" party, and "My Pleasure" in Madrid.

He worked for important record labels like Bedrock Records, Stereo Recordings and Stomp Recordings, this latter he set up with his associate José de Divina.
He also worked for Wargram Music, the French label with which he recorded the collection “WADKlubmix by Elias/Paris/Ibz” and issued by the prestigious WAD Magazine.
25 years of experience and personality are reflected in his sets, where he always creates newly fresh and elegant playlists in any of his favourite styles: deep and Nu Disco (for rather “funky” clubs), or tech-house and techno for main rooms.

On the production side, he realised different works with the Stomp Productions group, where titles like Tijuana “Groove is in the air” stand out among others: this latter was remixed by Simon and Moonface and recorder in a double vinyl by Bedrock Records. The disc sold over 30.000 copies – an outstanding success for an underground production - and later recorded also in different compilations of Global Underground – like the ones by Danny Howells, Jon Digweed and Hernan Cataneo.
It should also be mentioned “Burning Drums of Fire”, remixed at that time by Marcello Castelli, edit by Iberican Recordings (a sublabel of Stereo Productions) and many other compilations as well, like the one from DJ Chus.
His last hit “El Sol” is a resounding deep house theme published by the French “Nu Deep Music” and distributed by the famous Italian label “Gotta Keep Faith”.

Past events
Fri March 13th
La Demence - Army Boys
Brussels Belgium
Fri February 7th
La Demence - Marry Me
Brussels Belgium
Wed January 1st
La Demence - New Year
Brussels Belgium
Sun November 3rd
La Demence - 4/4: CLOSING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Sat November 2nd
La Demence - 3/4: MAIN 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri November 1st
La Demence - 2/4: MORE 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Thu October 31st
La Demence - 1/4: OPENING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri September 27th
La Demence - Socks
Brussels Belgium
Fri July 19th
La Demence - Hairy Flamingo
Brussels Belgium
Sun June 9th
La Demence - Juicy Bear
Brussels Belgium
Sun April 21st
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Closing
Brussels Belgium
Sat April 20th
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri April 19th
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Opening
Brussels Belgium
Fri March 15th
La Demence - Pump Up!
Brussels Belgium
Fri February 15th
La Demence - Love
Brussels Belgium
Tue January 1st
La Demence - NEW YEAR
Brussels Belgium
Wed October 31st
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Halloween party
Brussels Belgium
Sun October 28th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Closing party
Brussels Belgium
Sat October 27th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri October 26th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Opening party
Brussels Belgium
Fri September 14th
La Demence - Eat it
Brussels Belgium
Fri July 20th
La Demence - Hottie
Brussels Belgium
Sun May 20th
La Demence - Pride Party Weekend: Closing Party at Fuse
Brussels Belgium
Fri May 18th
La Demence - Pride Party Weekend: Opening Party at Fuse
Brussels Belgium
Sun April 1st
La Demence - Easter Party
Brussels Belgium
Fri March 2nd
La Demence - Space Invader
Brussels Belgium
Fri February 2nd
La Demence - Snow
Brussels Belgium