When you hear the name DJ AleXio, impossible not to feel the vibes, the international dance floors, one gets the feeling, surrounded by thousands of enthusiastic people to celebrate the addictive sounds to ecstasy. And the DJ who bears this name, keeps exactly what its name suggests. That could have added up to experience more than one million people and DJ AleXio just beginning, for up to discover the world and to be discovered. If you manage to see the incredibly sexy DJ AleXio, it tends to be music and DJ SeXio still gets so in addition to sex appeal, which makes the celebrations of his music into a real experience for the senses.

The only 26 year old Federico Alessio Maniscalco aka DJ AleXio is actually Italian from the beautiful Tagliacozzo, but Berlin has discovered as a homebase for his creative work. Homebase is actually not true because the Cosmopolitan is hardly times more than a week in one place, if he does not grade produced in the studio. Almost all international clubs know and appreciate DJ AleXio and will probably also make the future that he diligently collects air miles. Currently DJ AleXio has 12 residences in the best clubs in Germany, Dubai, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic, including the Velvet in Dubai, The Farm in Milan, the Wildwexel in Cologne and the nhow Hotel in Berlin , In more than 20 international clubs DJ AleXio is to meet annually. His biggest party had more than 120,000 people had inspired his music and hardly wanted to leave him by the controllers.

His music is current and groundbreaking, his incredible sense of beats and emotion, his sense of tension and highlights based on the best house and vocal house make its productions since 2012 to earwigs. For 8 years, DJ AleXio successfully works as a DJ. As a child he has tried to elicit his piano „dance beats“.

His talent have also discovered colleagues. Thus, from his release „Brainfork“ which he produced with Bruno Kauffmann together (Original mix, Label: Suka Record) 6 more renowned DJs made their own remixes, including Pascal Mantovani, Ronny Golding and Ramon Zenker.

And the successful story of DJ AleXio continues ….!



Past events
Fri September 13th
Revolver - Folsom weekend opening party
Berlin Germany
Fri July 26th
Revolver - Berlin Pride Opening Party
Berlin Germany
Fri June 14th
Revolver - Bellend Game
Berlin Germany
Fri April 19th
Revolver - Xxl Easter Fetish Special
Berlin Germany
Fri March 8th
Revolver - Spring Hunk
Berlin Germany
Mon December 31st
Revolver - NYE 2018 – AT POLYGON CLUB
Berlin Germany
Fri August 17th
Revolver - Revolver August
Berlin Germany
Fri July 27th
Revolver - Berlin Pride / CSD (official opening party)
Berlin Germany
Fri June 22nd
Revolver - Sexual Deviants
Berlin Germany
Fri April 13th
Revolver - Spring Time
Berlin Germany
Sat March 24th
Liquid Kiddy - pres: SEXY Party! Damage! Totally vs. Superball
Amsterdam the Netherlands