It was at the time, when Chris Bekker was marketing manager at a big German car manufacturer, that he discovered his passion for the sweeping spirit of the international club scene. Inspired by its euphoric and impulsive energy, he combined it with the uncompromising sound of Berlin, and made this to his own distinctive DJ style. In spring 2009 he released his first own music production „THE CHASE“ – a remake of the Giorgio Moroder Club Anthem. He stormed the worldwide charts with it straightaway.

From then on he was booked all over the world: from Indonesia to Brazil, from China to the US and back to Europe. With his next releases „UPGRADE“ (remixed by i.e. Steven Redant and Chris Montana), platinum winner Natalie Gauci´s “Without you”, “Colour of love” and “TrIBIZA 2011” (remixed by Pagano) he again delivered strong international chart follow-ups that can be found on countless compilations.

Today Chris is officially representing the sound and the city of Berlin in international matters and is standing for energizing Tribal, Progressive and Electro Sound and personalized Trance vibes. He is founder and owner of one of the leading corporate sound agencies “klang ID berlin”, i.e. creating sound, sound logos and soundscapes for companies all around the globe. Asked what is so special about DJ‐ing, he answered the following:

“I want to kind of „kidnap“my audience into my sets. The best feeling results in the moment the crowd takes itself on a journey to growing ecstatic musical highlights.”

Past events
Fri March 13th
La Demence - Army Boys
Brussels Belgium
Sun February 23rd
Naughty Control - Carnival Festival Cologne : Closing Party
Cologne Germany
Wed January 1st
La Demence - New Year
Brussels Belgium
Sun November 3rd
La Demence - 4/4: CLOSING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Sat November 2nd
La Demence - 3/4: MAIN 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri November 1st
La Demence - 2/4: MORE 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Thu October 31st
La Demence - 1/4: OPENING 30th Anniversary party weekend
Brussels Belgium
Fri September 27th
La Demence - Socks
Brussels Belgium
Sat August 24th
Damage - Damage Amsterdam
Amsterdam Netherlands
Sun June 9th
La Demence - Juicy Bear
Brussels Belgium
Sat April 20th
La Demence - Easter Party Weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Thu April 18th
Matinée - Brutus (Matinée Easter Weekend)
Barcelona Spain
Fri February 15th
La Demence - Love
Brussels Belgium
Tue January 1st
Green Komm - NEW YEAR’S DAY
Cologne Germany
Tue January 1st
La Demence - NEW YEAR
Brussels Belgium
Wed October 31st
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Halloween party
Brussels Belgium
Sun October 28th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Closing party
Brussels Belgium
Sat October 27th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Main party
Brussels Belgium
Fri October 26th
La Demence - Anniversary weekend: Opening party
Brussels Belgium
Sun August 26th
Green Komm - 25th Anniversary Weekend: DAY
Cologne Germany
Sat August 25th
Green Komm - 25th Anniversary Weekend: NIGHT
Cologne Germany
Fri July 20th
La Demence - Hottie
Brussels Belgium
Sun May 20th
La Demence - Pride Party Weekend: Closing Party at Fuse
Brussels Belgium
Fri May 18th
La Demence - Pride Party Weekend: Opening Party at Fuse
Brussels Belgium
Sun April 1st
Green Komm - Easter Double Bang
Cologne Germany
Sat March 24th
Liquid Kiddy - pres: SEXY Party! Damage! Totally vs. Superball
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Fri March 2nd
La Demence - Space Invader
Brussels Belgium