Far from the usual techno schemes he breaks through as a DJ and Producer with cranky deepen Acid sound structures the learned listening habits.
Lovers of the extraordinary delight over alternate straighte forceful rhythms beats and then dry-supercooled basslines.
Stylistically there for Brett Knacksen no limits - Apart from the own taste.
Definitions become useless if Techno, House, Acid and Dub so closely cuddle like Brett Knacksen' Dj sets.

Past events
Sat January 26th
B:EAST - Experience #19 with Hito
Berlin Germany
Sat December 29th
B:EAST - Precum#19 w/ MANIC Brothers / Just Her
Berlin Germany
Sat August 18th
B:EAST - Tropical Men
Berlin Germany
Sat July 28th
B:EAST - Berlin Pride / CSD
Berlin Germany
Sat July 7th
Wasteland - Wasteland Summerfest
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sat May 26th
B:EAST - B:EAST - 2 YEAR Anniversary + Openair 24hr
Berlin Germany
Fri May 25th
Revolver - XXL party weekend
Berlin Germany