Since the first time he put his headphones on in 2003, Binomio has been a constant reference not only at the Madrid clubbing scene but also at all the important parties  all over the world. From the national and international desk, Binomio, merges his passion for dance music with the restlessness of the public, creating a perfect harmony between the desk and the dance floor. His energetic sets are composed of force full rhythms but with loads of groove, voices and suggestive melodies. Binomio masters to convert those elements into a perfect explosion for the dance floor.
From 2015 is part of the team Dj, s of We Party.

Binomio has been playing among other:

We Party Tour
The Week (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Arena Festival (Playa del Carmen Mexico)
ManInFest (Mexico DF - Guadalajara)
Hell & Heaven (Brazil)
Xlsior (Mykonos,Greece)
Circuit Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
Forever Tel Aviv (Israel)
Babel (Guadalajara Mexico)
Karmabeat (Mexico DF)
Masterbeat (L.A, U.S.A)
BeatBox (San Francisco,U.S.A)
Hustlaball (London)
Red & Blue (Antwerp, Brussels)
Le Bains Douches (Paris)
Georgious (Rome)
Testosterone (Zurich)
Vanity Dance (Beirut)
Trouble (Dubai)
Bear Necessity (Amsterdam, Londres, Antwerp)
Pitbull (Vienna)
Mucassassina (Rome)
Gay Village (Rome)
Pig ( Berlin)
Beef ( Tel Aviv)
I Wanna Fuck ( St Petesburgo, Moscu) 
Fou (Athens, Greece)

Past events
Sat April 28th
WE Party - Laundry
Madrid Spain