Having gained 4 years of experience in performing live and DJing as one half of electro duo Rotkäppchen, Annie O is now branching out to do what she does best: mixing, matching, combining, re-creating, putting pieces of the puzzle together - in short: mashing up.

Prince & Skrillex? Aretha Franklin & David Guetta? Michael Jackson & Fatboy Slim? Unlikely pairs, but they might just be perfect for each other!

Watch this space for mashup tracks and mashup DJ sets! 

She's also working on a live show involving live drums, lots of dirty bass and crazy outfits.



Past events
Fri September 13th
Revolver - Folsom weekend opening party
Berlin Germany
Fri July 26th
Revolver - Berlin Pride Opening Party
Berlin Germany
Fri April 19th
Revolver - Xxl Easter Fetish Special
Berlin Germany
Fri August 17th
Revolver - Revolver August
Berlin Germany
Sat July 28th
B:EAST - Berlin Pride / CSD
Berlin Germany
Fri July 27th
Revolver - Berlin Pride / CSD (official opening party)
Berlin Germany
Sat May 26th
B:EAST - B:EAST - 2 YEAR Anniversary + Openair 24hr
Berlin Germany
Fri March 30th
Revolver - XXL Easter Fetish Weekend
Berlin Germany