Established by Oliver and Gary as a monthly event in Berlin, on the 2nd Friday of each month, we are hosting the best local/international DJs and unique performers from the International gay underground scene on the main floor and also in our second room where you will experience even more different international techno music. 

Our venue for Revolver Party Berlin is the infamous and beloved KitKat Club, the location of both the “Hustlaball Berlin” and Berlin's clubbing institution “Peepshow”. Please note that Revolver is a majority gay night with everyone is welcome with no dress code. The Coat-check is free at our party.

Every 2nd Friday of the month and special dates.

Next dates
Fri December 20th
Revolver - XMAS Edition
Berlin Germany
Past events
Fri November 8th
Revolver - XXL Sports fetish (SNAX weekend)
Berlin Germany
Fri October 4th
Revolver - Oktober 2019
Berlin Germany
Fri September 13th
Revolver - Folsom weekend opening party
Berlin Germany
Fri August 16th
Revolver - August 2019
Berlin Germany
Fri July 26th
Revolver - Berlin Pride Opening Party
Berlin Germany
Fri June 14th
Revolver - Bellend Game
Berlin Germany
Fri April 19th
Revolver - Xxl Easter Fetish Special
Berlin Germany
Fri March 8th
Revolver - Spring Hunk
Berlin Germany
Fri January 11th
Revolver - 5. Anniversary bash
Berlin Germany
Mon December 31st
Revolver - NYE 2018 – AT POLYGON CLUB
Berlin Germany
Fri December 14th
Revolver - Naughty Xmas Ball
Berlin Germany
Fri November 9th
Revolver - XXL edition (SNAX weekend)
Berlin Germany
Fri October 5th
Revolver - Revolver October
Berlin Germany
Fri September 7th
Revolver - 4th Annual Black & Blue Ball!
Berlin Germany
Fri August 17th
Revolver - Revolver August
Berlin Germany
Fri July 27th
Revolver - Berlin Pride / CSD (official opening party)
Berlin Germany
Fri June 22nd
Revolver - Sexual Deviants
Berlin Germany
Fri May 25th
Revolver - XXL party weekend
Berlin Germany
Fri April 13th
Revolver - Spring Time
Berlin Germany
Fri March 30th
Revolver - XXL Easter Fetish Weekend
Berlin Germany