If you're looking for a Circuit party in the Netherlands than Rapido is probably the best one you'll get. You'll often heat DJ's as Abel, Saeed, Tom Stephan and Sergio Cardoso. 

Paradiso, home base of Rapido, has on the ground level a big dancefloor with 2 layers of surrounding balconies. The first floor will give you a great view over the main dancefloor and access to the extra smaller dancefloor. The second floor is a bit darker and used as cruising area, still with the nice view. 
In some occasions also the basement will be used as a chill-out area with seperate DJ. 

Rapido is organised a few times a year, most of the time with other festivities like gay pride and Kings day. Often combined with other parties like Funhouse the day before and X-Ams as (tehno) afterparty. Tickets usally sell pretty fast. The venue can almost host 2000 guests. 


Next dates
Sun December 1st
Rapido - 15th Birthday
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Past events
Mon August 5th
Rapido - AfterRapido - the Pride Edition
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sun August 4th
Rapido - Pride edition
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sun April 28th
Rapido - Rapido – the KING edition 2019
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sun November 18th
Rapido - Anniversary
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sun August 5th
Rapido - Pride edition
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Sat May 12th
Rapido - World Tour: Antwerp
Antwerp Belgium
Sun April 29th
Rapido - King Edition
Amsterdam the Netherlands