H.I.M unites different party concepts like PAPA, Matinee, WE Party, Forever Tel Aviv and many others 

H.I.M is a large-scale open-minded event that unites Belgium and the Netherlands. As soon as you enter the party you will be taken on a journey through Europe's most trendy and gay friendly cities. You become, as it were, immersed in the temptations the city has to offer through deco, atmosphere creation and state of the art entertainment. The different areas within the club each have a unique character + theme decoration. Entertainment and live acts, both general and close up, are carefully worked out and determine the atmosphere of the event and / or space.


Past events
Fri June 21st
H.I.M - 5YRS H.I.M Anniversary
Antwerp Belgium
Sat March 30th
H.I.M - H.I.M Spring Edition: TheWeek Safado
Antwerp Belgium
Fri January 11th
H.I.M - H.I.M Amsterdam presents LaLeche!
Amsterdam the Netherlands
Mon December 31st
H.I.M - New Year's Eve 2018-2019
Antwerp Belgium
Sat September 22nd
H.I.M - Forever TLV ft. Sagi Kariv
Antwerp Belgium
Sat June 23rd
H.I.M - 4 YRS H.I.M
Antwerp Belgium
Sat March 31st
H.I.M - The Bunny Ball
Antwerp Belgium