Damage is the perfect blend of a circuit and fetish party.

International Dj’s, a smoking area, a cruising Lounge and an equipped play area with several slings and other BDSM equipment. 

So whether you are into dancing, spanking, fucking, fisting, leather, BDSM, rubber, boots, sportswear or pup play, Damage will be your kind of party. 

Next dates
Sat May 9th
Damage - Damage May 2020
Amsterdam Netherlands
Sat June 27th
Damage - Damage June 2020
Amsterdam Netherlands
Sat August 22nd
Damage - Damage August 2020
Amsterdam Netherlands
Sat November 14th
Damage - Damage November 2020
Amsterdam Netherlands
Past events
Sat August 24th
Damage - Damage Amsterdam
Amsterdam Netherlands
Sat June 30th
Damage - Summer '18
Antwerp Belgium